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Aguntech limited is an Internet Services Provider initiative of the Leased Optical Fiber Network across the city of Dhaka measuring about 150 Km of Underground and Own Optical Fiber Network in Bangladesh measuring about 5,000 Km of Aerial.

Amber IT Principles

Since its beginnings, we have grown to become one of Best Wireless Internet service providers. Over this time, we have maintained our commitment to providing premium quality services at extremely competitive prices. Our core business is domestic and corporate Internet services which include High-Speed Wireless broadband service. We also provide web hosting and co-location services. Aguntech offers a complete range of network solutions like the Internet, Data Connectivity, Network Management Services, Data Center and Co-location Services and Value-Added Services like Internet Telephony, World famous networking and business equipment etc.

Aguntech is an IT Solution Provider that has been operating in Dhaka city for over 5 years with a very high level of success, achieved through uncompromised service quality and customer satisfaction. We strive to bring leading-edge technology to our country. We provide ISP services including internet access, internet transit, domain name registration and broadband service. We ensure our customers are at the forefront of innovation and have access to technology that meets their needs and advances their missions. We encourage our customers to embrace new technology and show them how they can empower their work through technological advancements. We are looking forward to spreading our service all over Bangladesh.
High-speed internet access is now a necessity, not a luxury. The availability of superior telecommunications service is as fundamental to the future of our communities as was electricity in the last century. The local initiative is critical to ensure success. Our core business is domestic and corporate Internet services which include High-Speed Wireless broadband service. The company's size allows us to provide best-practice levels of speed, reliability and security, yet at the same time maintain our commitment to personal service through investment in staff.

Our Guiding Principles


Professional Approach

Keep It Simple! There's no reason why individuals who wish to be involved in the Internet, need to have sophisticated technical knowledge and the ability to write and understand HTML protocol.


Technology Review

Provide the best technology available! Those who know technology or need the most from it will be suitably impressed with our high-tech equipment. If it's current, we have it; if it's new, we'll be one of the first to get it!


Affordable Services

Make it affordable! Amber IT programs are almost always one third to one half the cost of comparable services. This supports our mission of creating greater access to a greater number of people.


Aguntech is dedicated to providing the most advanced network in the capital. To achieve our goal, our team embraces values that guide our decisions and drive our actions in everything we do. We commit ourselves to values that build a foundation for delivering a network that empowers our customers and their communities to succeed today and tomorrow.


We will implement ultra-fast advanced technology as an essential service to every residential & business address, vulnerable populations, low-income users, educational institutions, public safety agencies, and medical facilities, and also providing ISP and phone services to customers at the lowest possible prices. We will be competitive, affordable, generate economic growth and create jobs while acting as good stewards to our customers.

We aim is to provide consumers with

● High quality
● Competitive price
● Simple setup
● Ease of use
● Broadband service with excellent customer care!

Customized technical support for all your services

● Wireless
● Fiber to the home
● Cable
● Dial-up
● Phone
● In-home networking

Our Goals

We are responsible for making sure you can access the Internet, routing Internet traffic, resolving domain names, and maintaining the network infrastructure that makes Internet access possible.

Mission & Vision

Complete Analysis

Customer satisfaction is the central element of the marketing concept. We always research our customers' demands, their behavior to reach our goal according to them. Consumers attribute their dissatisfaction to ISP indifference and believe that managing dissatisfaction is within the control of the ISP. Moreover, affective factors play an important role in satisfaction processes and switching behavior.

Domain Transfer

Aguntech provides Domain Registration & Hosting solutions and Domain transfer to the clients. Our goal is to provide cost-effective, user-friendly, optimized and reliable solutions to our clients. Not all domain registrars are the same. If you’re not satisfied with your registrar, the good news is that you’re not locked in. You can make a switch anytime.

Proper Monitoring

Whether you're a digital business with revenue-producing websites and mobile apps, or an enterprise implementing new SD-WANs and branch dedicated Internet access (DIA) to apps running in IaaS or SaaS clouds, Internet access and transit is a critical dependency. Without insight into peering and transit from key ISPs, you can't ensure the connectivity you require to run your business. Unfortunately, legacy ISP monitoring tools and software don't offer visibility outside your internal networks into Internet connection and performance. Using a combination of active and passive techniques, Thousand Eyes enables you to monitor ISP connections, pinpoint specific ISP traffic links with high latency and interfaces with loss across your entire service delivery chain. Continuously monitor internet connections for ISP outages and other disruptions to Internet connections with hop-by-hop visibility across your layer 3 traffic paths, along with BGP information that shows you whether your routes are reachable.

Unlimited Storage

Aguntech services have geared up for being the most suitable option for storing data online digitally. In earlier times, most of the companies used to depend on the in-house servers for storing their growing collection of data and online files; but today storing data online on Aguntech servers is the next big thing as it allows unlimited storage. The best thing about storing all the data in the cloud is that it ensures affordability and the data can be easily accessed from anywhere. Benefits of unlimited storage of Aguntech -
● Users can easily drag and drop the files in the cloud storage
● The stored files can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world with just a few clicks and an internet connection.
● It is recommended for every business to have a backup plan in case of an emergency
● These files are stored at a remote location and they can be retrieved and accessed at any time.
● Aguntech servers also provide automated backups and snapshots to make sure that your data is safe.
● Data stored in Aguntech storage can be easily shared with clients and colleagues easily and securely.
● With cloud storage, the daily devices can be your access points like your PC and your smartphone.

24/7 Live support

When your customers need assistance, they expect their problem to be resolved quickly, accurately and, on the first contact. Whether you’re a national backbone provider or local service provider, Aguntech supports your end-users 24/7/365 or after-hours-only, to fit your need. Aguntech has developed and continually updates its proprietary Web-based help desk applications to maximize efficiency and performance in service delivery. Our support services consist of various levels of technical support and basic customer service, including new customer sign-ups, information referrals, and relay of client application messages.

99.9* Uptime

Avoid unnecessary downtime. Move to the Datastore 365 day and ensure your business benefits from our 99.9% uptime service level guarantee. Our specialists work around the clock to provide your business safety, security, and technical support, to ensure that in the event of a natural disaster, cyberattack, or human error, your business can continue working as normal. Learn more about our 99.9% uptime service level guarantee here. We are committed to caring for your business. Our 99.9% service level guarantee represents our unrivaled Aguntech services the technology that keeps your business running, come rain and shine.

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